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Lombok Surfari
March 30 - April 6 2019

Southern Lombok offers an abundance of surf spots for all levels - from learning to paddle to learning to smash the lip.  We'll surf, work on our mental game, hang by the pool, and even grab a cocktail or two. 

telo islands all-girl takeover
OcT 20 to Nov 2 2019

Know your lefts and rights! Our Advanced Intermediate to Advanced Shortboard Camp is all about surfing empty waves and improving our skill set in and out of the water.  Expect coconuts, coral reef, and seclusion. 

baja babes at scorpion bay
september 2019 

Do you girls like Mexico? Bring your longboard, shortboard, fish, or egg to one the world's longest rights.  Tacos, talks about fear and confidence, and waves for days are on the cards.  This Adventure is suitable for all levels.  



If the Sea Hearts Surf Club is heading to a spot, you know it'll be good.  When you travel with Sea Hearts, you'll experience the best of unique surfing destinations around the globe.  We'll know when the tides, wind and swell are on so you'll worry less and score more! Plus, we select our locations based on waves that suit women surfers of all levels.  Be challenged but not scared out of your mind. Surf with us.  



We help you tame your fears about surfing and build you confidence in the water so you can get out of your own way. You may not  realize how how mindset affects your surfing, that's why we've spent years perfecting our techniques for the mental game of surfing.  Mediation, WaterWomen Workshops, and journaling are all a part of how we prepare before we go out there.  Whether you're surfing contests, trying to get barreled or catching your first green wave, if you change your mindset, you change your life!



Just show up and blow up! We take all the hassle and guesswork out of finding the best place to stay, food to eat and waves to surf at a select few well-loved surfing locations.  You just have to pack your bags and get ready to have the trip of a lifetime.  We'll see you are the airport with a cold beverage.  Get ready to score!  


Let the Good Vibes Roll

You're on vacatioN, so WHY NOT?  dance parties, pool parties, party waves. expect all three plus epic food and the occasional cocktail.  in the end, we're here to have a good time.  


Reserve Your Adventure

Since we're all about getting you the best waves you've ever had, Sea Hearts Surf Club is always on the move.  Book in now to ensure that you are a part of our next journey before we move on.  Spaces are limited to ensure that we're not an insta-crowd and that you get the most surf coaching, mindset preparation and good times out of your trip.