A Sea Heart's Packing List - Lombok Edition

Surf Stuff

  • 2-3 Surfboards – Quiver queries?  The ultimate riddle, Deciding which boards make the cut for your trip is often the hardest part of packing.  Harder than dresses, harder than bikinis, harder than the 30 pound natural first aid kit you want to bring.  For Lombok, it's a good idea to bring at least two boards: (1) the standard shortboard you'd love to ride with more skill and ease and that is suitable better, more powerful waves and (2) a wider, fatter board that makes it easy for you to catch a lot of waves.  That second board is really important because we're going to ride boards with a little more volume where the conditions allow.  If you want to try to surf some bigger waves, you may also want a step-up shortboard that can handle surf over 5ft.  Pack all these boards in a travel bag or coffin.  You may also want a day bag or surf sock for each board while in Lombok because they can get bumped around as we drive to all the surf spots.  
  • Surf Suits – You are going to log some serious water time. We highly recommend getting a couple of surf suits and/or rashies to protect yourself.  Our personal favorites are made by Tall Poppy Surf (P.S. Poppy's offered all the Sea Hearts out there a 10% discount, just use the code SEAHEARTS at checkout)
  • Surf tights – You know what’s white, lying face up and about to burn? Your ASS.  All the cute surf suits in the world won’t save yo’ ass from the blistering sun as you paddle around all day.  That’s why we recommend bringing some UPF rated surf or yoga tights.  You can basically wear any lightweight tights in the water with a rash guard to ensure you don’t get red butt.
  • Booties – For the most part, you do not need reef booties in Lombok.  There are a couple of spots on low tide where you may feel more comfortable coming in with booties on.  Get them on the small side, the fit should be tight, not floppy.
  • Surf Hat – Another optional item that you know is mandatory if you've been on lots of surf trips to tropical lands. 
  • Sunscreen – If you haven’t noticed, there’s a theme going here: protect yourself from the sun as much as possible.  Hanging out in the sun all day in tropical countries will take the life out of you.  Sunstroke, sunburns, less energy are all possible in the Indonesian sun.  Thus, the cherry on top of all this other sun protection gear is a good quality, natural sunscreen and zinc stick.  I go for natural, non-greasy sunscreen.  My favorite in the world is ThinkBaby. You should also bring a zinc stick to protect your lips, nose and ears.  
  • Fresh leashes – You know you’re old trusty surf leash that you don’t remember buying, yeah, don’t bring that to Indonesia.  Surf leashes stretch and weaken over time and can and will snap at a moments notice.  Bye, bye board.  Hello razor sharp reef.  Also, look for regular thickness leashes rather than Comp leashes.  Bring 2-3 NEW (or new-ish) leashes.  
  • Fins and fin key – If you are a bit of a surf nerd, take some time to learn about different fins options. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. But at a minimum bring a set for each board and possibly and extra set in case you lose one to the reef.  

  • Surf Wax - Bring tropical wax!

Personal Stuff

  • 1 Weeks Worth of Clothes – Disclaimer: this may sound crazy if you love clothes, but you don't need your entire wardrobe on Lombok. You are on a surf trip so expect to wear more board shorts/bikinis/surf suits/rash guards than anything else.  Be sure to bring a few dresses for going out to dinner.  Also, we recommend covering your shoulders and thighs on travel days - a t-shirt and longer shorts will do the trick.  If we stop in a remote village for any reason, observe the same rules.  Leave the beach wear at the beach in town as well.  
  • Shoes - 1 Pair of Thongs, 1 Pair of Runners and 1 Pair of Nice Sandals – Honestly, you can get away with one pair of flip-flop for the entire trip if you needed.  Runners are good for the plane and if you plan to do any hiking after our adventure.  
  • Sarong – Take one or wait and buy when you get there.  Sarongs are very useful. You can use one as a blanket, a scarf, a picnic rug, a satchel to carry beach stuff and a baby carrier.
  • Books – Never leave home without a good book or two.  You’ll be doing plenty of waiting with and without a Wifi signal in Indonesia.  Need a book recommendation? Click here: http://surfstokedmoms.com/2017/04/11/reads-road-book-list/
  • Backpack – Bring a small backpack you use on your day trips. Bonus points if it is waterproof!
  • Camera - If you love taking pictures, please bring your camera.  Otherwise our photographers will take plenty of amazing shots throughout the week! 
  • iPhone - If you have an unlocked phone, you can chose to purchase a local SIM card for a small amount and have service for your whole trip.  Otherwise, just hook into the WIFI when it's available and practice some digital detachment.  

Please Don't Forget

  • Reusable Water Canteen – Plastic use in places like Indonesia is gnarly and sad.   You’ll know what I mean when you see plastic bags, bottles, and all forms of waste floating pass you while surfing at some the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Please, please bring a reuseable water canteen.  You will be able to fill it up at the villa and restaurants! Bonus points for reusable coffee cups! 
  • Travel Insurance – An absolute necessity! I always use World Nomads. Check with your credit card provider, many offer travel insurance as part of the terms of the card.
  • Medi-Evac Insurance – Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it but for trips to remote parts of the world, I always buy Medi-Evac insurance from Global Rescue.  Basically, this company will come and rescue from anywhere in the world and put you on a helicopter, medical flight or regular flight back to a 1st world hospital.  I know it’s legit because I have had friends “test” the service and be evacuated from places in remote Fiji.  Don’t take chances, it’s only your life!