How to Score a Super Cheap Flight to Bali for Our Lombok Surfari


Track Flight Options on Google Flights

If you're like me, Google Flights is practically your homepage.  You're checking flights to countless untold destinations every damn day.  If you don't yet find tracking airfare prices a particularly satisfying exercise, that's ok.  You can still use Google Flights to score a super cheap flight to Bali for our Lombok Surfari and for any other trip on your horizon.  

Start with a calendar.  Decide whether you'll tack on a couple days in Bali or a couple of weeks at another surf locale.  Select a couple sets of possible departure and return days from your home airport and then head over to Google Flights.

Plug in a set of your hypothetical dates and hit search.  Now, here's the clever part.  You can track the prices for these dates across all airlines (or specific ones if you are loyal frequent flyer of a particular airline). 


Once you track certain days or flights, Google automatically sends an email to your Gmail account every time there is a change in price.  Google will sometime also send you an email when they are confident flights for a certain day will rise and not go back down.  

Now you just have to check your email each day and wait for Google to send you the best price.  The emails look like the photo below.  



Sign Up for I Know the Pilot (Australia) or Scott's Cheap Flights (USA)

I also follow a couple of low fare newsletters closely.  Generally, when a sale comes up on I Know the Pilot or Scott's Cheap Flights that affects the dates I am watching on Google Flights, I'll get an alert.  But, just in case and for things like airline wide discount codes, I am registered to receive both.

If you live in Australia, Sign up for I Know the Pilot here.

If you live in the USA, sign up for Scott's Cheap Flights here

Strike At the Right Moment 

The most important advice in this post is probably just to book the flight when you see a fare that you believe is as low as it gets.  I often procrastinate because I am uncertain about my dates or just scared to lock-it in and miss the best deals.  Just do it! If you find tickets to Bali for less than $450 Australian (Sydney) or $800 U.S. (LAX), then pull the damn trigger before you never see that price again.  If you're serious about something, ACT. 

-Tim Ferriss

A Note About Frequent Flyer Programs 

If you travel frequently throughout the year, you may want to look into joining a frequent flyer program.  Try to determine which airline covers the majority of your favorite travel destinations.  Also, check out which airlines serve as partners for that airline.  For me, I live in Sydney and travel to Los Angeles, Bali, and Melbourne most frequently.  Virgin Australia flies to these locations and is relatively easier to achieve preferred status than Qantas.  Features like pooling all our points from each family member into one account have allowed my family to get free upgrades and lounge access.  The points game is definetely a hustle, but can be worth it if you work it.  Check out the guides on Point Hacks or feel free to email me if you have any questions about getting a super cheap flight for our trip!


Happy flight hunting Sea Hearts!