10 Things We Learned at the 2019 Lombok Surfari


1. Tights are Compulsory 


After seeing one too many roasted booty, the Sea Hearts understood why surf tights were on the Surfari Packing List. It’s hard to keep a fair bum when you’re butts-up 6 hours a day.

2. Embrace the Buddy System


No (wo)man left behind… Except one of our poor videographers who inspired a vigilant adherence to the buddy system. Imagine all the grief that could have been avoided if Kevin from Home Alone had a buddy?

3. Take Off at the Peak


Shoulder hopping doesn't pay in Indonesia. Often trying to take off on the shoulder results in a steeper, unmakeable take off so it is best to catch waves from the peak even if you’re a little weary of the sets. Pictured is Kel, who proved she’s not afraid to hang at the top and reap the benefits!

4. Where your eyes go, you body goes 


Lots of us are working on bottom turns and the first rule is “look where you want to go.” Here’s Mel P with her eyes on the prize. She knows if she wants to hit that lip like a red headed step child, she got to lead with her eyes. Look up, go up!

5. Mothers love cocktails 


Ok, maybe it isn’t such a surprise that when I group of women get away from the normal career and domestic duties, a few cocktails get smashed. Lombok delivers on aiding the, “moms gone wild.”

6. Southern Lombok is a wave haven for intermediate surfers


The waves we had all week were fun but challenging ranging from 3 foot to 6 foot. We surfed exclusively reef waves but suffered very few run-ins with the bottom. Most breaks are deep enough and most of us went home unscathed and stoked. Those with battle scars from the reef went hard and deserve the bragging rights.

7. If your guide says "go," you go!


We are very grateful to our three local guides - Lam, Yoko, and Reman. They helped all of the guests catch heaps of waves and I almost miss the shouting, “more right,” “no more left,” “too deep,” “paddle more this way.” Their local knowledge of these waves was indispensable!

8. You don't just need 1 bracelet, you need 50 


I don’t know if you know this but you need about 150 bracelets before you can leave Lombok. How could you say no to these smiling faces? Bracelets are the gift to give for everyone you know… Right?

9. Be Ready to Jump Off the Boat 


Forget your sunscreen, bikini top, photo op… Your board is floating away, you better be ready to hop off! With a pack of ladies and even more boards, you best be ready to jump in the water as soon as the boat pulls up! Everyone was frothing so hard, they could hardly wait.

10. 2 Breakfasts are Better than 1 


Breakfast is included on our Lombok Surfari, but sometimes our guests were so hungry after another long surf that they doubled down! That way, no one had to chose between sweet and savory!

The 2019 Lombok Surfari has wrapped but if you like what you see join us in the Telo Islands for our All-Girl Surfing Village Take-Over. This experience will be one-of-a-kind as the Telo Islands have never hosted an all female surfing week. Expect meditation, yoga, reiki, surf coaching, and empty breaks to suit most levels. If you’re keen on Lombok, stay tuned as I will announce dates for 2020 by mid-year.