If the Sea Hearts Surf Club is heading to a spot, you know it'll be good.  When you travel with Sea Hearts, you'll experience the best of unique surfing destinations around the globe.  We'll know when the tides, wind and swell are on so you'll worry less and score more! Plus, we select our locations based on waves that suit women surfers of all levels.  Be challenged but not scared out of your mind. Surf with us.  

Waterwomen's workshops


Our Waterwomen's Workshops are our dry classroom sessions that will take place at the villa. During these theoretical classes we will cover safety, equipment, the ocean, surfing skills and the Waterwoman's mindset.  This means you'll be able to set goals for your surfing and make a plan you achieve them.  You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have and/or review what happens each day in the water. 


surf guiding & COACHING


You're here to surf right? That's why we will spend a lot of the day in the water with a local coach.  For our beginners, this means a complete practical lesson that starts on the sand and ends with riding your first broken wave.  If you're intermediate or advanced, our local guides will help you understand the break and give pointers through out each session.  Both groups will surf a variety of waves based on the conditions and skill level of the group.


video and photo analysis


I hope your not camera shy! Our photographers and videographers might feel like surf paparazzi but the truth is that video is one of the best tools to help you improve your surfing.  With video you are able to pause, resume and replay each wave to review what you've done right and how you can improve.  Plus, it's nice to go home with a flash drive of memories to share with your friends and family. 


waterwomen's journal

yours to keep

Every Sea Heart will get a copy of the Waterwomen's Journal in the mail before they arrive. It's a guide to crushing fear and building confidence in the surf. Reading through it before you come will help you start to set your mindset for surfing success.  




Start each morning with clarity at our 15 minute guided meditation before breakfast and surf time. 


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Our next trip is to the Telo Islands, you coming with?