expand your surf knowledge 

Understand how conditions, equipment and mental state affect your surfing.  Get detailed, practical advice on how to overcome common mistakes and handle serious situations.  Learn breathing techniques to lengthen your breath hold and calm yourself.  You will build on what you learn on dry-land when you're out surfing.  

Name & tame your fears 

You must know your fears to own them.  In our Waterwomen's Fear Workshop, you'll learn to confront what scares you, understand your fear and make a specific plan to handle each circumstance. From wipeouts to hold downs to sharks, you'll give your fears a name so you can systematically simulate them and take them down.  


up your mental game

If fear is the kryptonite to surfing performance, preparation is the antidote.  Have you ever felt like you were "in the zone" while surfing?  At our Waterwomen's Workshops, you will learn how to use techniques like visualization, anchoring and meditation to access your "flow" state when you're in the water. 

rewire your brain

Gnarly experiences don't have to inhibit your progress as a surfer.  Our brains are highly plastic meaning that they can be molded and changed through deliberate thought, even as adults.  You will learn how to recall and rewrite bad memories and emphasize good ones through visualization, video and practice in the water.  


"We Suffer More in Imagination than Reality"

The main goal of the Waterwomen's Workshops is to arm you with the tools to be in control of your mind and take advantage of what the ocean and life throws at you. You'll find a little preparation goes along way and many of your hold hang-ups when it comes to surfing fade into memory.