Just show up and blow up! We take all the hassle and guesswork out of finding the best place to stay, food to eat, and waves to surf at a select few well-loved surfing locations.  You just have to pack your bags and get ready to have the trip of a lifetime.  We'll see you are the airport with a cold beverage.   


For us, genuine connections with the local people are what make a destination so special.  We will be hanging out with local surf guides and coaches everyday, supporting local businesses and helping the community through donating money and time on each trip.  At each location, you'll learn about local customs and traditions.  If there is anything specific you'd like to learn about, let us know.


If you want to be a Sea Heart, we can assume you've got a special relationship with the ocean and exploring the globe.  That means that everyone on these trips will have those passions in common. Mix in each person's unique personality and we're going to have one fun and interesting group. You'll forge instant and lasting connections with Sea Hearts from around the world.  But, best of all, you'll also connect deeply with yourself. 


Above all, we want you to have a great time and leave feeling more comfortable with your surfing no matter where you start out.  Over the course of our Waterwomen's Workshops we'll talk all things surfing including equipment, conditions and most importantly, mindset.  You will leave with the tools to tackle your surfing goals, whether that's riding a unbroken wave or getting barrelled on a big day.


If you've surfed before, you'll know you've never been hungrier than after a long session.  You may be starving but you won't have to settle for mediocre grub.  We're all about food and believe eating is a great way to learn about the local culture.  In some locations, the food scene is too good to be limited to eating at one place. That's why we invite you to explore the culinary offerings on your own for dinner.  We point you in the right direction, you feast!

good times

As Kenny Powers said, "mahalo, you f&*king surfers."  Do surfers take surfing too seriously? Of course, we are serious about surfing.  Surfing is the reason we get up early, stay salty all day and push our bodies to the brink.  But, I'll let you in on a little secret... The reason we surf is to have FUN!  The first rule of the Sea Hearts Surf Club is to have fun.  Pool parties, dance parties, party waves, cannon balls, cocktails: these are the really great things in life. So we'll be sure prioritize letting the good vibes roll before we get too caught up in technical surfing stuff.  Fun first, our promise.

If you still have questions, check out our FAQs or contact us here!


Sea Hearts surf club philosophy

Fun comes first around here.  Don't forget, that's why we surf.